Lamborghini could be sold for $ 11.5 billion

Lamborghini could be sold for $ 11.5 billion

May 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Investment company Quantum Group is ready to increase the initial offer for the purchase of Lamborghini – now, the Italian brand is ready to redeem for $ 11.5 billion.

The Quantum Group’s attempt to buy a Lamborghini is not over yet. The German concern VW Group, which includes the Italian company, refused to sell it for 7.5 billion euros. Now, according to Automotive News, the investment company has increased its previously submitted offer by 2 billion euros. The additional money was intended to cover the necessary investments and provide jobs.

“Of course, our offer to buy the Italian supercar manufacturer is still in place. We have weighed our proposal very carefully, ”Quantum spokeswoman Ri Stark told Reuters.

“And if there is a desire to negotiate – whether it is about investments, guarantees or purchase prices – then, of course, we are still ready.”

The VW Group was outspoken when it dropped its original offer to sell. “Lamborghini is not for sale,” said a spokesman for the German concern. We don’t yet know if Quantum’s willingness to hike the rate by about 26 percent is enough for the German automaker to be more willing to sell the Italian brand.

The Quantum Group’s offer included the purchase of the Lamborghini brand, its Sant’Agata facility in Italy, and its motorsport team. The investment firm also wanted a five-year agreement with the Italian brand’s suppliers and set up a battery development center with Audi. Quantum also guarantees the retention of its current staff for five years.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Lamborghini Urus made a 6500-kilometer journey across Japan. The Urus SUV is Lamborghini’s best-selling vehicle. The brand celebrated this by sending two copies across Japan on an epic road trip.