Lamborghini concept motorcycle appeared on the web

Lamborghini concept motorcycle appeared on the web

November 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Take a look at the concept motorcycle from the Italian company Lamborghini, which has never been and most likely never will. This CG rendering was created by independent artist Al Yaseed.

Lamborghini has never made motorcycles. The German concern Volkswagen AG, which includes the Italian brand, already owns the Italian high-end motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. What if Lamborghini also made motorcycles? Automotive artist Al Yasid put his thoughts on the subject on virtual paper and got some pretty convincing results.

Yasid is usually a car enthusiast and has thousands of images of various models on his social media pages.

In this case, however, he “cheats” and imagines what he thinks the Lambo motorcycle will look like. The virtual novelty appears to be based on the existing Ducati Diavel, an excellent choice for the type of motorcycle that would be a Lamborghini-branded motorcycle.

However, the look of the resulting motorcycle is pure Lamborghini style. The original Diavel has been stretched to give it a more evil look. The headlights on the front hood reflect the angular styling of the headlights used on Lamborghini cars. The red LED strips at the rear are reminiscent of the Aventador’s taillights. Unlike the original Diavel, most of the bike has an angular body. In addition to the bare carbon fiber, Yasid painted the bodywork in Lambo Reventon Silver, Aventador Yellow and California Orange.

Design aficionados have begun calling the resulting motorcycle the Mangusta, despite the rare De Tomaso supercar already bearing the name. The chances of getting this motorcycle into production are nil. This is just a design “exercise” by Yasid, an independent artist who doesn’t work for Lamborghini, Volkswagen or Ducati.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the owner of the exclusive Lamborghini Sian arrived at the delivery of the car. A YouTube blogger arrives at the Italian brand’s factory to see his exclusive Lamborghini Sian supercar. A total of 63 Lamborghini Sian units will be assembled.