Lamborghini Aventador successor to retain V12 engine

Lamborghini Aventador successor to retain V12 engine

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Supercar of the new generation will receive a hybrid power plant

The new Lamborghini supercar, which sooner or later will replace the flagship Aventador model, will still retain the current naturally aspirated V12 engine, but will become a hybrid.

While rumors circulated last year that Lamborghini was going to ditch the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, the brand’s technical director, Maurizio Reggiani, told Car & Driver that the Lamborghini Aventador’s successor will retain the V12 engine. True, it will inevitably be made part of a hybrid power plant in order to fit into promising standards for the content of harmful emissions. Reggiani noted that the good old V12 is too important for Lamborghini to retire. True, the production model is unlikely to receive the power plant from the Sian superhybrid.

The power source in the Sian hybrid is not an ordinary lithium-ion battery, but a supercapacitor, which is three times lighter and more powerful than a comparable battery. It is capable of fully recharging with every braking and briefly feeding the electric motor with a peak current of 600 amps, but Lamborghini’s exotic supercapacitor is considered not yet ready for daily use on production models. The timing of the release of the new flagship of the Italian brand is still unknown – it is expected that it will debut no earlier than 2022-2024.