Lamborghini again hints at Frankfurt premiere

Lamborghini again hints at Frankfurt premiere

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A few weeks ago, Lamborghini announced that it would nevertheless perform at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a high-profile novelty, although the fate of the new generation of the flagship supercar Aventador is still in question. A short video published on the official Instagram of the Italian brand demonstrates the work on a sketch of the front of a supercar. The post itself contains brief information on the preparation of Lamborghini for the prestigious September exhibition.

However, what exactly the Italians are preparing for the premiere is still unknown. It was previously supposed that this would be the new Aventador, but on the design sketch, the most catchy features of the 2017 Terzo Millennio concept are clearly visible. You can see not only the “three-beam” head optics, but also the shape of the wings, the roof line with a characteristic groove and the silhouette of the front bumper.

Thus, the conclusion suggests itself that Lamborghini nevertheless built a serial prototype of the concept – and, according to rumors, with a hybrid power plant. Presumably, the traditional V12 in its composition will rotate the rear wheels, and the front axle will be engaged in an electric motor, while the total output of the power plant can exceed 850 hp.

The same rumors claim that Lamborghini has a production plan ready. The next “special” (and so far unnamed) supercar will be built with a circulation of only 63 copies, and the price of each will be about $ 2.5 million. One way or another, all veils of secrecy will be removed closer to September 10, when the Frankfurt Motor Show opens for the press.