LaFerrari Aperta body protection film costs £ 3,600

LaFerrari Aperta body protection film costs £ 3,600

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of this 10-minute video, it is shown how the body of the Italian supercar LaFerrari Aperta is covered with a special protective film. It takes 4 days of hard work to work.

The guys from London’s Topaz Detailing are engaged in applying a special layer of film that protects the car body from damage (this layer is usually called armor). According to the company’s website, this is one of the largest companies involved in applying such a protective coating to supercar bodies. They cover the entire car with a special transparent film to keep its paintwork almost in pristine condition.

For example, the Italian hybrid supercar LaFerrari Aperta was taken – the whole process began with detailing of the 4th level. This means that everything has been cleaned and polished, including wheels (inside and out), suspension components, underbody, interior and engine compartment. In addition, almost everything that was covered with paint was tinted (scratches, swirls or stains).

  Each area of ​​the LaFerrari Aperta exterior gets its own, pre-cut part of the film, which means that after it is glued onto the car body, it remains Thai forever.

 The film covers all the elements of the car, including the wheels, and its edges are wrapped so that they are not visible. Then, using a heat gun, the film is sealed. We must say that the end result looks fantastic.

 According to the Topaz Detailing website, the entire process takes four days, and the cost of installing the film starts at £ 3,600.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Ferrari hints at an early presentation of the new version of the Portofino coupe. The presentation of the Italian car can take place in a couple of hours at a special event in Rome (Italy). Yesterday, the press service of the brand published an interesting photo, which clearly hints at an early presentation of the car.