Kyocera Moeye: retro design and futuristic technology

Kyocera Moeye: retro design and futuristic technology

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concept is equipped with a holographic assistant and an advanced backlight system

The Japanese technology company Kyocera presented the Moeye show car, in which it managed to implement all its promising developments. The car is completely autonomous and is considered as MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service, or “vehicle as a service”), but it has no serial prospects – it’s just a demonstrator of technological solutions.

Behind the charismatic appearance of the Moeye concept, a futuristic interior breaks down, the central element of which is a 1.2-meter-wide display with Haptivity audio tactile response technology. This technology was developed by Kyocera and can accurately mimic the operation of mechanical buttons and switches.

In addition, the show car is equipped with a holographic assistant Mobisuke (it appears on the surface of the front panel) and the function of “optical camouflage”, created in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Sciences and Technologies of the University of Tokyo.

Moeye is Kyocera’s second concept car. The first was built in 2018 and was a roadster with cameras instead of mirrors, a fully digital cockpit, a projection display and electronic driver assistance systems based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Thanks to the eight cameras installed in the front of the car, the screen and racks can become completely transparent. The effect is achieved by three-dimensional projection of the image on their surface in real time. But for it to work properly, the passenger’s head must be fixed in a certain position, otherwise the picture will be blurred and not clear enough.

Moeye also has an unusual Ceraphic backlight, which creates natural lighting at any time of the day, decorative inserts made of artificial opal and vibrating speakers with piezoelectric elements – they are even built into the seat headrests. Finally, the concept is equipped with a built-in fragrance with five flavors to choose from.

However, you should not wait for a serial car from Kyocera. The company is just demonstrating its capabilities, as is Sony. Nevertheless, some solutions may well appear on cars of other brands.