Kyocera Moeye Concept or camouflage car

Kyocera Moeye Concept or camouflage car

October 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The concept presented by the Japanese company Kyocera Corporation represents the Japanese vision of the vehicle of the future. The car has a number of very interesting innovations, including technology to expand the driver’s field of vision.

Kyocera Corporation is a Japanese “multinational ceramic and electronics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan” specializing in “industrial ceramics, etc.” And despite their specialization, they presented the concept of the car of the future.

In truth, the Moeye Concept is the company’s second concept car to showcase some of the technology and how it can be used in the automotive industry. The new concept follows the same “neo-futuristic design of its predecessor and takes things to the next level.” Obviously, the Japanese company has no plans for a production version of the concept yet.

Highlighting technology for autonomous vehicles, the concept’s interior is undoubtedly one of its striking features.

The cab has transparent areas to “expand the driver’s field of vision”. This is achieved through the use of Kyocera’s so-called “optical camouflage technology”, which uses multiple cameras and a large screen that displays what is happening under the car. Parts of the dashboard can also become screens that provide a full 3D view of the road.

In addition, the roof and doors of the concept are equipped with LED panels that emit “life-friendly” light, very similar to natural light. Light color and saturation can be adjusted to simulate natural light in the morning or evening.

Kyocera has even gone to great lengths to make the scent in the car special, with a choice of five different scents. There is an advanced audio system with piezo speakers. All of these technologies are “packaged” in a vintage design that, according to the company, combines “tradition” and “the future of automobiles.”