Kuhn Schweitz electric dump truck “taught” to generate electricity independently

Kuhn Schweitz electric dump truck “taught” to generate electricity independently

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The manufacturer supplied his dump truck, which works in a quarry on the outskirts of the Swiss Beale, with an electric engine. The new power plant replaced the previous 23-liter diesel engine.

The manufacturer of special equipment “Kuhn” is not the first in its segment to decide to transfer its heavy equipment to electric traction. So, the company introduced a 45-ton dump truck E-Dumper with a carrying capacity of 65 tons. This environmentally friendly mining truck is called the largest electric car in the world. Kuhn Schweitz engineers chose the Komatsu HD605-7 dump truck, under the hood of which a 23-liter turbodiesel is usually installed, as the basis for their green news.

The length of such a dump truck reaches almost ten meters, and the width and height – 4.2 meters. For the performance of such a giant meets the battery weighing four tons and a capacity of 600 kWh. This is enough to recharge six Tesla electric cars at once with maximum “range”.


The job of this electric dump truck is to transport the rock from the top of the quarry down to the site. He climbs a mountain to load 65 tons of lime destined for a local cement plant. During the rise, the electric engine without a full load of the body spends 19 percent of the charge, and the E-Dumper special algorithm for replenishing energy. When descending into a quarry, the regenerative braking system E-Dumper generates almost all the energy needed to climb a hill using inertia.

According to the developers, the electric dump truck is 20 percent more efficient than conventional models. At the same time, it will allow the quarry owners to save up to 50 thousand tons of diesel fuel annually.