Kubica: Today is one of the most difficult days behind the wheel

Kubica: Today is one of the most difficult days behind the wheel

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the first day of work on the Sochi highway in Williams, they encountered several problems: George Russell was dissatisfied with speed, and Robert Kubica – with balance and grip.

Dave Robson, chief racing engineer: “Sochi has a difficult track, it is not easy to achieve efficient operation of the car here. In general, the day passed without problems, we methodically worked on the program. In the first training session, both riders analyzed several decisions in order to choose the best option for the second session.

We are glad that in the second training we completed a rich program, worked with empty and full tanks. The forecast for Saturday promises bad weather, so today is our last chance to prepare for the race, when the weather should get better. We need to understand how to achieve the most effective rubber on a fast lap in qualifications, but we will work with this in the evening.

George had a good day, progressed during the sessions and used the experience of speaking on this track in Formula 2. Robert had a more difficult day, because his first experience on this track was affected by unstable grip and a changing balance. We will analyze the data, find out the reason and replace any suspicious components before tomorrow’s training. ”

George Russell (19th): “Today is a little slippery, but that was for everyone. I am not the biggest fan of the Sochi track. The clutch was not enough, but because of the numerous safety zones, it is not as scary here as on some other routes. But everything is in order and meets expectations.

We are not as fast on fresh tires as we should. I showed my best time on the third lap, and not on the first, so we have something to add. We do not have enough speed on the lines, and at the beginning of the circle there is a rather long line, and this does not help us. We must be less inferior to rivals than in today’s protocol. ”

Robert Kubica (20th): “Sochi Autodrom is a new track for me, it is always great to accept a new challenge, but today one of the most difficult days at the wheel — I was dissatisfied with the balance and adhesion to the track. There is a very fast track, and the turns are short. We need good stability at the entrance to the turns and confidence in the car, but we do not have it yet. We need to analyze the data – I hope that tomorrow we will improve everything. ”