Kubica: The accident made me more emotional

Kubica: The accident made me more emotional

February 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Robert Kubica’s full-fledged return to Formula 1 8 years after the worst accident on the Ronde di Andora rally track is an amazing, if not fantastic, story. About this much will be written and said, but no one better than the Polish rider does not know what he had to overcome, so that the day came when the Williams team signed a contract with him.

And now the publications of the whole world again on their sports pages talk about Kubica, but in a completely different, positive tonality.

“There were many black days. But the hardest thing was when you had to overcome psychological problems, not physical ones, – Robert shared in an interview with the British tabloid The Sun. – The most difficult moments are when, after good periods of recovery, I had to go for another operation, and I was full of hope and optimism.

But after anesthesia, I woke up in completely different feelings, as if I had a knife stuck in my chest. All the positive disappeared, and I rolled back six months ago. During the recovery, there were easier days, worse times, but things began to get better when I was able to accept what had happened.

That’s when you begin to re-discover yourself and re-build everything, be aware of your limitations and accept them. If earlier I would have raised a glass of water with my right hand, now I had to adapt, both in ordinary life and in racing.

I had to start from the beginning. Return to the same page where I was before, is impossible. We had to build everything on the basis of what was left. If we consider that the first three months I did not go, and then another two months moved in a wheelchair, I returned behind the wheel pretty quickly.

It turned out that my speed was the same as before, but it was precisely this that was difficult to accept, because now there were physical limitations. Therefore, I began the process of returning from the rally tracks, and not from the Formula 1 racetracks.

I didn’t want to remind me how everything could or should have been – I set myself a new task and a new goal … I could forget about Formula 1, but as I got closer to the track, I finally started to feel That really want to come back.

The accident made me more emotional. I used to be like a car. Having won the race in Canada, I was delighted, but did not celebrate. But that incident changed me greatly. Now I am much more sensitive and emotional. We must learn to control these emotions – on the one hand, they do not frighten me, on the other – I hope that they will positively affect me. ”

When Robert Kubica again comes out at the start of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, at 34 he will be the second oldest rider in the championship after 39-year-old Kimi Raikkonen.