Kubica: race in the 1000th Grand Prix – a great honor

Kubica: race in the 1000th Grand Prix – a great honor

April 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In China, Williams cars will have a special logo dedicated to the 1000th Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1. After a difficult race in Bahrain, the team from Grove prepares for the third stage of the season, and if Robert Kubica once performed on this route, George Russell is waiting The first acquaintance with the Shanghai autodrome.

Dave Robson, Chief Race Engineer: “The Grand Prix of China is held for the 16th time, and this will be the 1000th race in Formula 1 history, dating back to 1950. This significant event will take place at the Shanghai International Circuit, the track of which is distinguished by the famous reverse straight and legendary bunch of slow turns at the beginning of the circle.

In April in Shanghai it is often cool and the probability of rain is quite high. Because of possible precipitation, as well as the characteristic configuration of the route, different teams and racers may prefer different approaches to the settings of the machines.

After the race and tests in Bahrain on Friday trainings, we will continue to analyze the behavior of the FW42, in order to better deal with the machine. Pirelli tires this weekend will provide teams with C2, C3 and C4 rubber, which is one notch softer than those used in Bahrain. In training, we have to analyze the behavior of these tires on a 5.5-kilometer lap of a challenging Shanghai track. ”

Robert Kubica: “At the beginning of the season, races are held on different tracks, differing in characteristics, which allows teams to better understand their cars. Weekend in China can be difficult and accompanied by changeable weather.

The circle is a combination of long and sharp turns, such as the 3rd, slow studs, high-speed turns and very long straight segments, which end with intense braking.

All this in combination with changeable weather conditions means that in Shanghai it is difficult to find the optimal settings, so first we have to watch the weather. However, I already anticipate the return to this route.

To speak in the 1000th Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 is a great honor. The world of motor sport and fans are waiting for an important event, and I am very happy and proud that I will have the opportunity to take part in it. “

George Russell: “I want to get acquainted with the Chinese highway as soon as possible, because I haven’t spoken there yet. Riding on a new highway is always an interesting experience. The 1000th Grand Prix will be held in Shanghai, so it’s great to be one of the 20 riders who will take part in it.

Our sport has a very rich history, and we are waiting for another historical race, so I am very proud that I will also be on the starting field of the Chinese Grand Prix. ”