KTM equipped 1290 Super Adventure with active safety system

KTM equipped 1290 Super Adventure with active safety system

August 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The radar system was already seen on a test prototype 1290 Super Adventure S, so the Austrian company may be the first to use active protection on its bikes.

The safety of a rider on the road is one of the key points that motorcycle manufacturers are actively working on. European companies are already considering new equipment with airbags under a jacket and anti-slip coating. But if we talk about motorcycles, then they gradually take over the systems from cars. For example, Harley-Davidson has patented a modernized adaptive cruise control for their bikes.

KTM is not far behind its colleagues in the workshop and is testing an active Bosch security system with two radars installed in the opening of the headlight and tail section of the motorcycle. The system itself includes adaptive cruise control and blind spot search with subsequent monitoring.

The front radar is connected to the throttle and brake system, which will allow the motorcycle to automatically accelerate and brake softly. He will monitor the situation on the road in front of the rider, while the rear will monitor the situation for him. So, if the system considers that another vehicle is approaching too fast from behind, the motorcycle will accelerate taking into account the obstacles in front.

As for the 1290 Super Adventure 2020 itself, it will receive the same V-Twin LC8 engine, only with increased power and corresponding to the new Euro-5 standards. Of the obvious changes: a new frame, subframe, pendulum and tank. We will learn other details after the Milan exhibition EICMA 2019, which will be held in November.