Koenigsegg will have a three-cylinder hybrid with an engine without a camshaft

Koenigsegg will have a three-cylinder hybrid with an engine without a camshaft

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hypercar presentation will take place at the Geneva Motor Show

The Swedish Koenigsegg has prepared two new items for Geneva. One of them will be the Mission 500 concept, presumably one of the Jesko versions, the other is a KG12 2 + 2 hypercar with a hybrid installation based on a three-cylinder engine with FreeValve technology without a camshaft.

Sources of The Supercar Blog are confident that the Koenigsegg KG12 2 + 2 will be executed in the traditional way for the company: a low front, a panoramic windshield and doors with improved bidirectional synchro-spiral hinge. However, it will not do without exclusive solutions like the glass cover of the engine compartment.

In the bowels of the KG12 carbon fiber body will be hiding a hybrid power plant. According to rumors, its basis will be a three-cylinder gasoline engine 2.0 with innovative FreeValve technology, complemented by a powerful electric motor. The predicted return is about 1,500 horsepower. The transmission can be either KDD or the nine-speed robotized LST from Jesko.

In February 2019, information about a similar car was already appearing: they predicted a V8 2.9 without a camshaft and a total return of 1065 forces. Perhaps the concept has changed, and the new Koenigsegg hybrid will indeed get a three-cylinder engine.

Shown last year, Koenigsegg Jesko was equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 with two turbochargers with ceramic bearings and an additional air supply system to eliminate the turbolag.

When using conventional fuel, the output of the unit is 1280 horsepower, E85 bioethanol – 1600 forces. Peak torque of 1500 Nm is available at 5100 rpm, 1000 Nm – in the range of 2700–6170.