Koenigsegg says he still holds the speed record

Koenigsegg says he still holds the speed record

November 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish automaker published a post on the social network Facebook, in which he says that his team still holds the title of manufacturer of the fastest production car on the planet. This is a Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar.

About three weeks ago, the American company SSC attempted to set a new speed record on its Tuatara hypercar. The team managed to set a new record as the fastest production car – 508.44 km / h. However, three years ago, Koenigsegg drove on the same section as the SSC, setting a speed record of 447.3 km / h – Agera RS took part in the race. Only one of these records is official and it belongs to the Swedish brand, and as SSC’s efforts are mired in controversy, Koenigsegg seems happy to remind us who the “king” is. At least for now.

The Swedish automaker did not recognize Tuatara’s record arrival in early October.

It is worth noting that the controversy over the setting of the speed record by the SSC team first arose in connection with the run of the SSC Tuatara, when people noticed some discrepancies in the published video, indicating that the car does not develop the speed declared by the SSC. The “fire broke out” even more when the SSC admitted an error in the video and in the fact of imposing telemetry, as a result of which the footage did not correspond to reality.

SSC states that although video and telemetry do not match, the speed figures are accurate and verified. The initial run showed that the Tuatara accelerated to 484.31 km / h, and then on the “reverse” run – 532.58 km / h. Speeds were tracked using GPS, and SSC said in a press release that the figures were confirmed by Dewetron, a data and measurement company. However, Dewetron reportedly declined the statement, not confirming or denying the accuracy of the American brand’s record. These events prompted the SSC to re-record with more cameras, more speedometers and more witnesses.

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