Koenigsegg Jesko will have a “mythical” version

Koenigsegg Jesko will have a “mythical” version

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The renders showed a unique Jesko Hydra

Design studio LMM Design showed renders of the unique Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra. The exclusive version of the hypercar was developed by order of one of the clients of the Swedish brand, obviously a lover of mythology, as in the appearance and the name of the car there are clear references to the monsters from the ancient Greek and Scandinavian epics.

The name Hydra for the gloomy two-door was not chosen by chance. It was borrowed from ancient Greek mythology, where one of the monsters was the Lernaean hydra with nine heads (although in different sources their number varies from 7 to 100). This number hints at one of Jesko’s features – a nine-speed Light Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTransmission (LST) robot with eight multi-plate clutches.

If we continue the associative series, then we can recall that the nine has a sacred meaning in Scandinavian mythology. For example, the World Tree Yggdrasil connects all nine worlds with its roots and branches; One hung on an ash tree for nine days and nine nights to know the runes; during Ragnarok (the last battle of the gods and monsters), Thor will kill the serpent Yormurgand, but he himself, poisoned by his poison, will fall, having made only nine steps.

The chosen color scheme also reminds of Midgard’s snake: the body made of “visible” carbon fiber is complemented by purple mica “scales” playing in the sun and purple accents. In addition, the Hydra has a different aerodynamic body kit: unlike the regular Jesko, there are additional canard fenders in the front, an air intake on the roof and a stabilizer fin between the horizontal wing supports.

The two-door interior is designed in the same style as the exterior. On the dashboard, there is a stylized Hydra lettering, and the headrests of the seats are decorated with images of the mythical monster.

Changes in technique, most likely, are not provided. Initially Jesko, which still has a high-speed version of Jesko Absolut, is equipped with a V8 5.0 engine with two turbochargers and an LST robotized gearbox. The output of the V8 when using conventional fuel is 1280 horsepower, and bioethanol E85 – 1600 horsepower. Peak torque of 1500 Nm is available at 5100 rpm; 1000 Nm – in the range of 2700-6170.