Koenigsegg is already working on a new hypercar

Koenigsegg is already working on a new hypercar

March 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

While the tire manufacturers are trying to create a product that would allow the Agera RS hypercar to accelerate to the coveted speed of 482 kilometers per hour, the Swedish brand is going to introduce a new car to the world.

According to the Autoguide portal, during the car dealership in Geneva, the founder of the company Christian von Koenigsegg said that the company is already developing a new model that will be even more extreme than the Agera RS, and will focus on the racing track.

The exterior of the novelty is still kept secret, but not because Koenigsegg does not want to show any trump cards, but because the “live” car is still not corny in nature. In the current year, potential customers will still be able to get acquainted with it, but only as a 3D model.

If the aerodynamics of the current Agera RS is more focused on achieving maximum speed, it can be assumed that the new machine will have developed wings and various flaps to increase the clamping force.

Christian von Koenigsegg sounded some characteristics of the novelty. In particular, its motor will not be electrified. The company intends to use a fully aluminum bi-turbo eight-cylinder engine, which will be able to spin up to 8,800 rpm. The motor will be 20 kilograms lighter than the one now used on the Agera RS, but the weight will be saved on the chassis. As for the gearbox, the manuals transmission’s fans of the brand should not hope: the bet will be made on a sequential gearbox with paddle-shaped petals.

Its new car Koenigsegg is going to present at the next motor show in Geneva.

To compete with the novelty will probably be with track hypercar: Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One.