Koenigsegg introduced the concept of a cheap supercar Raw

Koenigsegg introduced the concept of a cheap supercar Raw

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish automaker introduced a concept that shows what the future entry-level brand model will look like.

The concept car was named Koenigsegg Raw, in honor of the design house owned by Koenigsegg. This amazing triple car combines a carbon fiber body with the innovative three-cylinder engine from Freevalve’s partner company. The novelty weighs only 700 kg with a power of 690 hp, which gives it a power to weight ratio of one to one – this is an indicator first achieved by Koenigsegg in 2015 in the Agera model.

The Freevalve engine debuted earlier this year in the 1,700-hp Hymera hybrid, a magnificent coupe and the first four-seater Koenigsegg. In it, its return is 600 hp. thanks to a couple of turbochargers. Freevalve technology means camshafts are replaced by electronically controlled actuators to open and close valves.

Inside, Raw has the same triple layout as the McLaren Speedtail, with the driver’s seat center for optimal control and visibility, as well as rear passenger seats on both sides.

The body of the model is much more angular than the previous cars of the brand, with a retro-futuristic front end. However, traditional branded windshields and a double-glazed roof have been preserved. The model also boasts active aerodynamics, which the company calls “end-to-end architecture” and “articulated rear diffuser, created using the technology of a jet fighter.” Acceleration to 100 km / h is about three seconds.

The Raw was created by Finnish designer Esa Mustonen as a thesis under the direction of Sasha Selipanov, head of Raw design house and design manager of Koenigsegg since last October.