Kimi Raikkonen on the way to the absolute record

Kimi Raikkonen on the way to the absolute record

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To the delight of his fans, Kimi Raikkonen quite confidently started the new season, already the 17th in his long career in Formula 1, earning points in all three Grand Prix. Now he occupies the 7th place in the individual competition, second only to the riders of the three top teams who have obviously faster cars.

It seems that Kimi is absolutely satisfied that the attention of the press to the Alfa Romeo team is not as close as to Ferrari. According to him, Formula 1 is now more of a hobby for him, so he once again fully enjoys his work.

The recent Grand Prix of China was for Kimi 295-m start in F1, so this season he will be ahead of the number of races Jenson Button (on the account of the british them 306), as well as Michael Schumacher, who started in 307 races. And since Raikkonen has a two-year contract with a team from Hinwil, then by the end of 2020 he will bypass this indicator not only Fernando Alonso (312), but also Rubens Barrichello, the absolute record holder, with his 323 Grand Prix.

What is Kimi going to do after 2020?

“Then I’ll just find myself a new hobby!” He answered cheerfully in the days of the Chinese weekend.

We can say for sure that not money is for Kimi the main incentive to continue his career: according to expert estimates, over the years of performances in the World Championships, he has already earned about $ 331 million, and in Alfa Romeo he is paid well.