Kimberley Kampers presented a unique convertible motorhome

Kimberley Kampers presented a unique convertible motorhome

June 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Kimberley Kampers has unveiled the Classic Karavan, a unique convertible motorhome. When folded, the novelty is an ordinary tourist trailer, but if desired, it can be expanded into a compact but cozy mobile home.

Some camping trailers are rather small, minimalist in shape, while others are literally a normal-sized house on wheels. Well, there are such small campers, like this one, produced by the Australian company Kimberley Kampers. It packs a bunch of amenities in a reasonably compact body, but it’s also capable of off-road travel.

Depending on which version of the travel novelty you choose, you get a fully equipped bathroom with toilet and hot shower, heating and air conditioning system, a small indoor kitchen with sink, refrigerator and induction hob, and a large outdoor kitchen with a kitchenette.

There is also a grill and a sink. There is a reservoir for 190 liters of water, and for power you get a maximum of 600 Ah from the onboard lithium batteries. Solar power is also available with a power of 600 watts and, depending on the configuration, the Caravan can accommodate up to eight people.

Fully folded, the Caravan measures just over 5,181.6 mm in length and approximately 1,828.8 mm in width. Its height is only 2,133.6 mm and it is constructed from lightweight material, so its unloaded weight is approximately 1,680 kg. That’s enough for a humble SUV or midsize truck, and with its raised suspension and off-road capabilities, it’s perfectly capable of extended off-grid adventures.

Kimberley Kampers has been building ATVs in Australia for over a quarter of a century, but they are now available to adventure seekers in the US market. The entry-level Karavan Classic starts at $ 89,990 , and the higher-end Eco-Suite starts at $ 115,950. However, given the vast level of customization and options available, the final price will certainly vary upwards.