Kia’s new flagship sedan: a video and the timing of the premiere

Kia’s new flagship sedan: a video and the timing of the premiere

February 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

kia k9

The company Kia has published a short video with a second-generation K9 sedan designed for the home market.

The first image of the flagship four-door sedan of the new generation was distributed by the brand a week ago. Then Kia said that the official premiere of the model will be later in 2018. In a short video, which the manufacturer published today, it is still impossible to see the design of the K9 / K900 / Quoris, but the timing of the debut of the Korean version is known – it will be introduced in April.

On the complete set of sedan information not yet. According to preliminary data, K9 will be the closest relative of the four-door sedan Genesis G90, that is, the Kia model may have a full drive and turbocharged engines.

The current Kia K9, also Quoris, is built on the Hyundai Equus chassis (the G90 replaced the Hyundai model) and is only available with a rear-wheel drive. In Korea, the K9 of the first generation is sold with gasoline “atmospherics” V6 3.3 (300 hp), V6 3.8 (334 hp) and V8 5.0 (425 hp), all engines are combined with an eight-band “automatic”. In the USA the last two engines are provided for the model, and if european Quoris has the same capacity as the Korean version, then the US K900 3.8-liters engine produces 311 hp, and the five-liter eight-cylinder – 420 hp.

In the home market, the price of the current K9 starts at a mark of 50.6 million won. In the US, the K900 will cost at least $ 49,900 (excluding taxes and shipping).

Meanwhile, it is possible that the American version of the flagship of the second generation will be introduced earlier than the Korean one. So, the sedan K900 can make its debut at the end of March as part of the New York Auto Show.