KIA XCeed pickup truck shown on the render

KIA XCeed pickup truck shown on the render

July 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The independent designer decided to show what the new KIA XCeed would look like in the body of a pickup truck. The only noticeable difference in the appearance of the new product is the cargo platform.

European motorists got access to the new KIA XCeed cross-hatchback, which became the fourth model of this family after a hatchback and station wagon, as well as a stylish Shooting Brake Proceed. This car is located one step lower than the popular Korean crossover KIA Sportage. Independent designer XTomi presented his vision of the new product, depicting the new KIA XCeed in the image of a bright and stylish pickup.

 This kind of car for quite a long time are wildly popular in America. But the United States is considered the second largest car market in the world. Perhaps that is why the artist decided to work in this direction.

The basis of the car was taken base KIA Ceed, which received an increased clearance. The back row of seats was occupied by a cargo platform. Exterior XCeed after the change of “role” has not changed: the same dynamic profile, the original “narrowed” optics, bumpers, a special grille, original wheels and more. It turned out very youthful – this is not the brutal pickups from Ram. Hoping that such a pickup will be released in the series, still not worth it. If there is such a chance, then it is extremely small.