Kia will launch hybrid Kia Xceed and Ceed in 2020 in Europe

Kia will launch hybrid Kia Xceed and Ceed in 2020 in Europe

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Kia Europe strives to avoid falling sales despite electrification

In the first half of the year, Kia’s sales in Europe increased by 1.6% to 268,305 units, despite a 3.1 percent drop in the market. Due to the electrification of the model range, it becomes more difficult to maintain the growth rate of sales, as a large number of customers are reluctant to switch to hybrid or electric models.

Kia Europe Executive Director Emilio Herrera, in an interview with a foreign publication, said that according to the electrification schedule, production of XCeed hybrid coupe crossovers and interchangeable Ceed hybrid station wagons will begin at the factory in Zilina, Slovakia in late November. Also, he said, cars like the new Sorento with a diesel engine and the Imagine by Kia concept car will be electrified.

“Both models will appear on the market in January 2020. Also in November, the soft-hybrid version of the Ceed hatchback starts. Gradually, each Ceed version will receive some form of electrification. We are also considering a fully electric version, ”Herrera said.

The plug-in so far will only receive a hybrid of XCeed and Ceed. The Ceed hatchback will receive a mild hybrid, which later is likely to expand to the full range.

According to Emilio Herrera, the share of Kia electric vehicles sold in Europe this year will be 15% of the total, which is about 75,000 out of 500 thousand units. All batteries for the cars of the brand are delivered from Korea, and electric motors are produced at the factory in Zilina.