Kia unveils two off-road variants of the new Sorento

Kia unveils two off-road variants of the new Sorento

November 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Concepts dedicated to US national parks

Two show cars based on the new Sorento are on display at the Kia Motors America dealership conference. Both crossovers are built on the basis of the serial Sorento X-Line and play on the theme of travel: one in the deserts, the other in the mountains.

The Sorento Yosemite Edition and Sorento Zion Edition off-road concepts are built by LGE-CTE Motorsports in San Dima, California. They are based on the Sorento X-Line version, which is distinguished by the proper clearance (+25 mm) increased to 211 millimeters, roof rails, decor and an additional “Snow” mode for all-wheel drive. Engine – petrol 285-horsepower (421 Nm) “turbo four” 2.5, working in tandem with an eight-speed “robot” with two clutches.

The names for the show cars were not chosen by chance. They speak not only about the supposed area of ​​cars, but also symbolize the famous national parks of America: Zion and Yosemite. The Sorento Yosemite Edition is finished in matte Pine Green with glossy and matte exterior details, while the Sorento Zion Edition is finished in Desert Sand. Both received custom wheel arch liners, 20-inch wheels, 32-inch tires, bumper and sill protectors, and roof racks with additional lighting.

The goal of car building is to introduce a new product strategy for the brand, which will shift its focus towards off-road capabilities. Now crossovers, at least Sorento, KIA will position as trail-ready, that is, already from the factory prepared for the exit from asphalt surfaces and focused on light off-road.