KIA tweaks its Plan S electric strategy

KIA tweaks its Plan S electric strategy

February 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Korean automaker KIA celebrated the New Year with a new corporate logo, new design, slogan and even the name of the company. Koreans have decided to abandon the word “Motors”.

In the Plan S strategy, which is going to adhere to the KIA company, the key role is assigned to electric cars. The desire of Koreans to make a name for themselves in the battery car market is understandable – this segment is promising and promises good profits. By 2025, the brand expects to have a share of 6.6% of the global electric car market.

Today, February 9, KIA announced the adjustments to Plan S. As before, the Koreans are going to bring to the market seven electric cars on the E-GMP platform and four electric modifications of current models. This will happen by 2026.

The brand decided to accelerate the electrification of its lineup. However, there are two more priority areas: to intensify the production of specialized vehicles PBV (purpose-built vehicles) and to develop mobile services that are rapidly gaining popularity (KiaMobility subscription).

The first to test the new architecture is an electric car known as the KIA CV. They promise to organize his debut on March 21st.

It is expected that the novelty, whose launch is scheduled for late 2021, will receive a Level 2 autopilot. The first electric car of the PBV family will appear next year. By 2030, the brand plans to produce 1 million of these machines on the Canoo skateboard platform.