Kia Telluride: the first pictures of the Korean flagship crossover

Kia Telluride: the first pictures of the Korean flagship crossover

September 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Kia is preparing to introduce the long-awaited replacement for the Mohave frame SUV. The web surfaced informal photos of the big crossover Telluride.

In some markets, Kia is still selling morally obsolete SUV Mohave: from January to July, dealers sold 673 copies in our country, while a commensurate and much more expensive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 found 4,166 buyers. The same American market Mohave (sold under the name Borrego) left seven years ago due to low demand, and since then the role of the flagship of the SUV line is performed by the medium-sized Sorento crossover.

In early 2016, Kia introduced the concept of a large crossover on the Sorento platform at the Detroit Motor Show and gave it the name Telluride – in honor of the American ski resort in the state of Colorado. The car turned out to be spectacular, but the serial version has not yet debuted – its premiere is expected only next year. Probably, Sorento platform was recognized for Telluride inappropriately, and the model moved to another “cart”. Which exactly, is still unclear. In the spring, Western media, citing sources within the Korean company, reported that Telluride will receive a platform with a longitudinal arrangement of the power unit from the flagship K900 / K9 / Quoris new generation sedan. However, this decision is not the most rational for a large family crossover and is more characteristic for premium brands, to which Kia does not apply.

This week, the web surfaced photos of the uncapped version of the Telluride crossover version, they were published by The Korean Car Blog and Top Rider magazine. It is unfortunately impossible to make a conclusion about the layout, but, despite the poor quality of the images, it is possible to compile a completely holistic view of the exteriors. From the outside, the serial Telluride is only conditionally similar to the eponymous concept and has lost the original square headlights: in front it now looks like GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade, but this “face” in combination with the overall angularity of the body will certainly be to the liking of the American consumer. Korma retained the vertical arc-shaped lights of the concept.

To discuss technical stuff without understanding the platform on which Telluride is built is meaningless. Obviously, only the flagship SUV will probably get a hybrid version, and maybe even not one.

Of course, there will be a large crossover Kia fellow under the brand Hyundai: in the form of the concept HDC-2 Grandmaster it was shown in June this year in Korea, and the serial version, according to rumors, will be named Palisade.