Kia Stinger products may have problems with staining

Kia Stinger products may have problems with staining

July 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Because of poor-quality paintwork (Sunset Yellow shade), the latter may begin to burst prematurely. All the work on the replacement of paint will be fully made at the expense of the automaker.

According to official data, the US automotive market received about 400 copies of the Stinger model with a body painted in a shade of Sunset Yellow. According to the information that was recently published by the foreign profile publication CarAdvice, due to problems with the paint coating, it can begin to deteriorate prematurely.

At the moment, you can not order a South Korean fastback Kia Stinger with a touch of Sunset Yellow – it’s just not available for order on the official website of the brand in the US.

It turns out that such a surprise awaits not only car enthusiasts of the country – in notes to its recent publication, the Australian representative office of Kia in the person of chief operating officer Damien Meredith, notified 50 owners of fastback with a shade of Sunset Yellow about possible trouble.

Here’s how the problems with the color of the body comment in the South Korean company: “Due to a bad batch of paint, which in turn was made one of our branded shades of Sunset Yellow, the latter is pretty much prone to excessive cracking and peeling, in the event of mechanical damage. We believe that the problem lies in oil, which can just serve as a reason for this behavior of paintwork. We contacted all the owners of Kia Stinger, who chose Sunset Yellow for themselves. ” – Mr. Meredita added to his publication.

Also, the company Kia undertakes to carry out all the work to replace the low-quality paint for a similar, but already of proper quality. In addition to the new paint, owners of problem cars will also receive a lifetime warranty for paintwork. A car specialist who spoke with journalists from the CarAdvice publication said that by offering a lifetime warranty for paint, the South Korean automaker would spend about $ 7,415. This shows how Kia appreciates its customers.