Kia Stinger predicted the fate of the collection model

Kia Stinger predicted the fate of the collection model

July 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The head of the insurance company Hagerty, which provides services to owners of collection cars, believes that we live in the “golden age of oil marts.” In the future, powerful cars will become more attractive and grow in price. Among the potential candidates for getting on the list of collection cars McChal Hagerty considers even Kia Stinger, reports Automotive News.

According to Hagerty, the price for a Dodge Challenger or Demon with a minimum mileage and a lot of options will invariably grow. For collectors, cars with known names – Ferrari, Porsche or Corvette – will still mean more than just vehicles. “If these machines survive and do not suffer in accidents, then one day they will become collectible,” says Hagerty.

At the same time, the key factor influencing the value of the car for collectors, Hagerty considers the ability of the car on the track.

“As for Kia Stinger, I’m fascinated,” – adds Hagerty. – “However, the main question is whether the brand, which recently was practically none, really make a car that will have a collector’s value?”

Earlier it was reported that the German Suedwestbank recommends wealthy customers to look at the market of classic cars, and instead of shares and bonds invest free funds in vintage sports cars. According to analysts, prices, for example, on the Porsche 911 for the past 13 years increased by 683 percent.