Kia Soul in Europe only the electric version of the model will be sold

Kia Soul in Europe only the electric version of the model will be sold

June 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

South Korean company Kia is going to stop selling those versions of the subcompact crossover Soul, which are not equipped with an electric motor. This decision of the brand management applies only to the automotive markets of Europe.

According to official data, the production of conventional modifications of the small crossover Kia Soul, which are equipped with traditional internal combustion engines, has already ended for the European market. Currently, you can buy only copies of non-eco-friendly versions of the model, which are still in the warehouses of official dealers.

So far, there is no official data on whether the current leadership of the South Korean brand plans to completely stop selling Kia Soul, which are equipped with internal combustion engines, in the rest of the world. Much to our regret, now on electromobiles rather high price, which we hope to decrease in the near future.

So, what has led the leadership of the South Korean brand to such a fairly radical decision? This is a strategic and risky move. As a result of last year, the sales volume of the subcompact crossover Kia Soul was about 12,100, and, since 5,400 of them accounted for the electrified version of Soul EV (almost 45%), the automaker decided that it was time to go smart and offer European motorists only electric version of the model.

The largest European market for Kia Soul EV remains Germany (almost 3,000 copies sold last year – of which 1,900 were sold in the first 5 months). On the second place was Norway – recently, the inhabitants of this country are very respected for environmentally friendly vehicles, this popularization of electric cars is promoted by the state, providing benefits to the owners of electric vehicles.

Finally, we want to note that sales of electrified Kia cars in Europe rose to 10%.

Not so long ago it became known that the new crossover KIA will enter the markets in 2019.