KIA postpones the launch of the electric Kia Soul in the US market

KIA postpones the launch of the electric Kia Soul in the US market

August 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The official reason for the delay of the 2020 Kia Soul EV is a lack of batteries.

Demand for Korean electric vehicles in the US, including the Hyundai Kona EV, has exceeded expectations. The South Korean automaker has promised that the electric Kia Soul will arrive alongside an update to the “regular” model. And so, the 2021 Soul has appeared in American dealerships, but the Soul EV has not yet. According to a foreign publication, citing an anonymous source in KIA, the all-electric Soul will not appear on the American market.

The alleged reason lies in several factors, including the aforementioned battery supply issues. Another problem the manufacturer faces is that the car uses independent rear suspension, which the “regular” Soul does not have. Not only does this element make the Soul EV harder to build, it is also likely more expensive. The decision to ditch the Soul EV will also allow the company to focus on the already-available Kia Niro EV, which features the same battery and electric motor, but doesn’t suffer from similar supply issues.

When it came to the need to comment on the situation, a KIA spokesman admitted that he was not aware of the alleged cancellation of the Soul EV, but was aware that the company did not plan to launch the Kia Soul EV into the US market until 2021. This doesn’t change the delivery of the Soul EV, but the likelihood that the car will go on sale after a two-year delay is extremely low. In addition, KIA has removed all references to the Soul EV from its US website. Even the EPA has removed the model’s rating data from its website.