KIA pickup truck published on the web

KIA pickup truck published on the web

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The pickup segment is key to capturing the US market.

Conquering the global automotive market is a great feat, but when it comes to the United States, this task becomes even more difficult, largely because the American market cares little for small city cars, which are usually the main products in European countries. Americans love SUVs, and most of all they love pickups. That’s why Hyundai is already building it, intriguing the market many times with a Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck, which AutoTimesNews previously told about in order to arouse the appetite of local customers.

Unlike Hyundai, it’s easy for KIA to build it a little differently, perhaps with a style influenced by Kia Telluride. After all, Korean related brands share platforms, engines and technologies, so a jointly developed truck platform may be exactly what KIA needs to expand its growing influence in the States. Now we get an idea of ​​what a pickup truck might look like, thanks to the KooKiSung Studio car renderer, which posted the image on Instagram.

In this single render, we see what the rival KIA Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger might look like. It is in this mid-size segment that Hyundai will enter when the time comes. Rendering is a bold look at the latest KIA style, focusing little on smooth lines, and instead going into a completely aggressive design. This gives the pickup a sense of size, more like the F-150. A tiger-nose grille stands out in front, covering the entire width of the front and tied to LED headlights with the signature LED DRLs in the spirit of the new Kia Cadenza.

    If Kia ever enters the pickup segment, then most likely its truck will use the same engine as its Hyundai counterpart: the 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel that debuted in the luxury Genesis GV80 SUV.

The pickup concept is not completely alien, and it is worth noting that in 2004, Kia launched the Mojave KCV4 pickup concept, although it was more like a car with one cab than a real pickup truck. Nevertheless, the prospect of another participant in the medium-sized segment is tempting, and perhaps this render will make you think about the KIA pickup.