Kia may launch its own pickup

Kia may launch its own pickup

April 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai’s parent company is working on a production version of the Santa Cruz pickup, which is expected not earlier than next year. However, it has already been approved for launch into production.

According to Michael Cole, Vice President of Kia Motors in the United States, the company has not yet made a final decision on the pickup. However, if the manufacturer decides to expand the line, the new model will be built on the basis of the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

“I think it will be so. I mean a long way, but we think we have enough opportunities. Right now we are evaluating our core segments and intend to become a stronger brand in the crossover market. We want to confirm our position in the sedan market. And we still think what we can do in those areas that offer us opportunities for development, ”he said.

Thus, first, Kia intends to strengthen its position in the market of sedans and crossovers, and then can afford to finance niche models.

“After we can put a tick in front of everything that we have planned, we will think about electrification and whether a pickup truck can become part of the Kia model range. Now we do not think about it, ”said Michael Cole.