KIA KX3 crossover made an electric car

KIA KX3 crossover made an electric car

October 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Until the end of this year, the Kia KX3 EV – the electric version of the same-name crossover will appear in the Middle Kingdom. The car, strongly reminiscent of the Hyundai Creta, will be created on the basis of a restyled version of the KX3, presented in August at the Chinese auto show in Chengdu.

Already this year, Chinese motorists will present a new electric car. In fairness it should be noted that the model is familiar to the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom: the KIA KX3 crossover was turned into an electric car. In addition to the electrical installation, the model received an abbreviation of EV in the title – popular in the niche of “green” cars. Recall crossover Kia KX3 was created specifically for the Chinese market. However, the excessive demand for a crossover has never been used.

The model experienced two upgrades, the last of which was carried out in the summer of 2018, but these updates had little effect on sales growth. Then the company management decided to change the “weight category” and make the KIA KX3 EV electric vehicle from the KIA KX3 crossover. How successful this repositioning will be, time will tell.

The new restyled version of the KX3 formed the basis of the new electric car. The novelty differs from its “donor”, ​​first of all, in the design of the front part of the body: now the closed grille with a connector for the power supply line takes the place of the grille. In addition, the new SUV class electric car received modified bumpers and a bright accent in the design of head optics – a sky-blue insert. The dimensions of the KX3 EV are not much different from the dimensions of the predecessor: length – 4,290 mm (+20 mm), width – 1,780 mm, height – 1,635 mm, wheelbase – 2,590 mm.

An ecologically clean crossover is driven by an electric motor that delivers 110 horsepower. The advertised capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 45.2 kWh. The power reserve on a single charge, according to the developers, will exceed 400 km, and the maximum speed will reach 150 km / h. Prices for new items were not announced. It is known that Kia KX3 EV will debut in the market of the Middle Kingdom this year.