Kia is preparing a real revolution in automotive sound

Kia is preparing a real revolution in automotive sound

August 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Today, one person listens to music in the car. The choice appears, if someone in the car salon gets a gadget with headphones. In this case, you get a real cacophony from the incessant stream of sounds, words, bits and rhythms. One, suppose the driver wants to listen to the latest news release, catching his favorite radio wave, at this very moment his passenger furiously adds sound to the smartphone to hear the verse of the popular song. The clash of interests is evident.

The company Kia decided to reconcile the drivers and their passengers, creating a revolutionary system through which the car can be used to listen to different music at the same time, without disturbing anyone. Koreans promise to improve the unique technology Separated Sound Zone (SSZ), the literal translation of which sounds like “Split sound wave.”

Each of the passengers will have their own personal sound space, with it you can listen to the tracks of your favorite musicians without headphones, tablets and telephones. The work of the advanced system is based on complex algorithms based on the laws of physics. Such a system can amplify or quench the frequency of the sound signal in each of the “working” zones.

This process would not be possible without a lot of special speakers, which are equipped with the entire auto salon. SSZ not only projects sound to the right seat, but also neutralizes extraneous sound waves from other speakers. It is interesting that such a targeted suppression of noise can not harm living human communication. In addition, the driver will be able to hear navigator messages, and foreign noise (from dense traffic, exhaust or wind).

It is expected that the first cars equipped with SSZ will appear in a couple of years.