Kia is preparing a new special model

Kia is preparing a new special model

May 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Kia is going to take advantage of the fact that people are less inclined to travel by public transport. For this reason, the brand decided to release a small all-electric city car that will compete with the Citroen Ami.

Ami turned out to be a fairly popular car, only appearing on sale in the French market. Its cost is only 6 thousand euros

In addition, the electric car can be rented with a deposit of 2641 euros and for only 19.99 euros per month, which is comparable to the price of a ticket.

Currently, 65% of people in China choose a personal car. It is clear what kind of security is involved – people began to be afraid of becoming infected with whatever, and how long this trend will continue is not known.

 In turn, the chief executive officer of Kia Motors Europe Emilio Herrera said that the Korean corporation plans to develop a small electric car to give people what they need – the novelty has great potential, according to the company.

 An urban electric car does not need a large power reserve, and, therefore, it can be inexpensive due to the installation of less capacious batteries.