Kia is considering launching an all-electric Picanto

Kia is considering launching an all-electric Picanto

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A Korean automaker could start selling an electric version of the Picanto citycar if the company can find ways to cut costs to make the car affordable.

Battery-powered Picanto will be a “big test,” said Emilio Herrera, head of Kia Motor Europe. “But sooner or later we will have to do it.” Automakers are currently rethinking the strategy of using compact cars in Europe in response to tightening emission limits, which has led to the addition of costly new technologies to cars that are already generating low profits.

American Ford will stop selling Ka + models in the region, while Opel is abandoning its Karl and Adam models. The Volkswagen Group is expected to replace its VW Up, Skoda Citigo, and Seat Mii cars with traditional power plants on battery-only models. Seat was tasked with developing small electric vehicles for the concern at a cost of less than 20 thousand euros.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show this month, Renault announced that it plans to launch an electric car worth 10 thousand euros in Europe over the next five years. Despite this, Herrera said Kia was exploring the possibility of an electric Picanto.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we are really considering this issue,” he said.

According to Herrera, the price of the current Picanto with a gasoline engine in Germany starts at 10,290 euros, but with discounts drops to 10 thousand euros. The cost of top-end performance reaches 17 0tys. Euro. According to him, an electric Picanto will currently cost about 20 thousand euros. Therefore, the company seeks to reduce the cost of producing a compact citycar so that its price is about 16-17 thousand euros. For these purposes, Kia engineers can team up with Hyundai specialists.