Kia introduced the all-electric crossover Niro EV

Kia introduced the all-electric crossover Niro EV

May 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The presentation took place less than five months after Kia showed the conceptual version of the Niro EV Concept. From the concept, the serial Niro EV differs insignificantly, although it looks less aggressive. The serial cross received headlamps in the brand-style brand, another bumper with smooth forms, another optics and mirrors, and the doors and door handles received chrome lining. Cuts the crossover into R17 wheels.

The novelty is based on the model Hyundai Ionic EV, which means that both models received almost the same technical stuffing. Dimensions of the Niro EV are 4375x1805x1560 mm, the wheelbase is 2700 mm. Under the hood, two electric motors can be located: the first motor has a power of 135 horsepower and works with the battery for 39.2 kilowatt-hours, the second motor has a power of 204 horsepower, and it is powered by a battery with a capacity of 64 kilowatts. The crossover crawls in accordance with the WLTP method in the first version is 240 kilometers, in the second – 380 kilometers.

Dynamic characteristics of the crossover are not published, but a slightly more compact crossover Kona Electric, which has exactly the same electric motors under the hood, accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour for 9.3 and 7.6 seconds. The larger and consequently heavier Niro EV will have a slightly more modest dynamics.

Niro EV received modern collision avoidance systems, strip control, driver fatigue monitoring sensors, as well as intelligent cruise control and a highway assistant.

The cost of the crossover is not announced, but the hybrid Hyundai Ionic is sold in the US at a price of 29,500 dollars.