KIA improved the cheaper version of the KIA Sportage

KIA improved the cheaper version of the KIA Sportage

September 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

KIA has prepared an updated version of the budget modification KIA Sportage. The cheaper crossover is still available for purchase only in China.

Cheaper KIA Sportage 2020 in the maximum configuration will receive a two-tone body color, as well as an expanded list of available options, which now includes advanced multimedia with voice control, as well as an artificial intelligence system from Baidu. With its help, thanks to the smartphone, you can control the “climate”, etc. To date, you can buy a cheaper Sportage only in the Middle Kingdom. The basis for it was the “cart” from the “pre-reform” Sportage, which was sold in Russia from 2010 to 2015.

In the Chinese market, the budget version of the KIA Sportage is being sold in parallel with the new generation crossover. For him, fans of the Korean brand will have to pay at least 112,900 yuan. This is below the base price for a standard cross.

The low-cost version of the KIA Sportage is powered by either a two-liter 161-horsepower aspirated or a 1.4-liter 140-horsepower turbo engine. The first works in tandem with a 6MKPP or automatic gearbox, the second – with a seven-speed “robot”. The drive can be either front or full.