Kia Corporation Will Show New Logo In October

Kia Corporation Will Show New Logo In October

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new KIA logo will be demonstrated at a meeting between the bosses of the corporation and the Association of Auto Journalists of South Korea in October this year. The initiator of the meeting, according to Thekoreancarblog agency, will be the head of the brand Han Wu Pak.

As the top manager emphasized, the new emblem actually resembles the one that we saw on last year’s conceptual model Imagine by KIA, although it looks a little different.

  In any case, rebranding is not a quick matter. The registration of the emblem in each state, as well as its replacement in dealerships and service centers, factories, office buildings, advertising materials and, ultimately, on machines, still takes time.

What model of the brand will acquire a new logo is currently unknown, but according to the press, it will become an electric car that will embody the new global Plan S strategy.

In addition, earlier it became known that the corporations Kia and Hyundai have created a “smart” gear shifting system.