KIA and Hyundai will get a wide range of power settings via smartphone

KIA and Hyundai will get a wide range of power settings via smartphone

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Soon, South Korean brands may introduce a new system integrated with cloud storage. With the help of special software, it will be possible to access a wide list of vehicle settings.

The press service of the company Hyundai Motor Group shared some of the details of the upcoming technology. The power of Hyundai and KIA cars can be changed using software on a smartphone. Moreover, the owner can customize the car independently, can upload the finished file to the server for general access, and can also use custom settings from other users.

The application will allow the owner to adjust the motor power, maximum torque, maximum speed limit, adjust the acceleration dynamics, adjust the regenerative braking factor, change the response of the gas pedal, and adjust the energy consumption of the climate system.

In addition, the application will allow you to change the car settings in a dynamic mode, based on the route and road conditions. Of course, the application will already have a whole set of factory settings, tested and recommended by the manufacturer. The Hyundai Motor Group noted that data security will be ensured through the use of blockchain technology.

Unfortunately, KIA and Hyundai are still silent about the release date of the new application, and those models in which the new system will be implemented.