KIA and Hyundai will equip their cars with solar panels

KIA and Hyundai will equip their cars with solar panels

November 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The idea of ​​installing solar panels on a car is not new in itself, but on such a scale it will be used for the first time. KIA and Hyundai are going to implement the technology in three stages, implying the installation of photocells on various types of machines.

And just in 2019, the first stage will be implemented – the placement of solar panels on the roof of hybrid models. As stated in the concern, depending on weather conditions during the day, such a panel will add to the battery capacity from 30 to 60%.

At the second stage, the batteries will be installed on cars with an internal combustion engine, which, according to the manufacturer, will allow to comply with future eco-standards. The third stage involves the placement of panels on the entire roof and on the hood of electric cars. Thus, the duration of trips will significantly increase and there will be no need for stationary charges.

If the results of using the technology are successful, then other manufacturers will also use it. So far, the implementation dates of the second and third stages have not been announced.