Ken Block will perform at Cossie races on a Ford Transit van

Ken Block will perform at Cossie races on a Ford Transit van

March 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Strongly modernized American vans, which are created for the rally, got four-wheel drive and a twin-turbo engine. At one of them, Ken Block will participate in the Cossie rally races.

Ken Block is already a fairly well-known personality in the world of automotive sports. We all have watched videos on which this guy just shows incredible things on various and quite powerful cars. He likes to “show off” not only on modern cars – he has repeatedly shown aerobatics on classic Ford models. We are talking about the old rear-wheel drive Escort, as well as the Killer B RS200 mid-engine coupe.

It turns out that Ken Block wants to prove himself on the Ford Transit van – he will take part in the rally.

The guys from Galpin Auto Sports decided to upgrade two standard Ford Transits, so that Mr. Block and his team had the necessary cars for their Hoonigan Racing. Vans have a black matte finish with blue stripes. I would also note a large ground clearance, all-wheel drive system and a 310-horsepower twin-turbo engine – the car must have good off-road capabilities so that it can confidently cope with serious off-road conditions. The roof rack with a ladder provides extra storage space for equipment, and LED lighting kits provide additional lighting.

  Inside the vans there is a lot of storage space for spare parts, tools, and everything that may be needed for quick repairs on the roads – special service areas are provided at the current stages of the rally.

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