Ken Block shows off his Ford F-150 Raptor hardcore pickup

Ken Block shows off his Ford F-150 Raptor hardcore pickup

April 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Renowned racer and just a good guy Ken Block decided to check what his Ford F-150 Raptor pickup is capable of. The car itself has been upgraded tuning studio SVC Offroad.

The weather is finally good enough to allow rider Ken Block to “walk” his Ford F-150 Raptor on the dusty Moab highway (USA). Probably worth saying a few words about the car itself. This is not the usual version of a full-sized pickup. Especially for Mr. Blok, the tuning studio SVC Offroad upgraded the already powerful Ford F-150 Raptor pickup.

The driver himself describes his truck as the perfect combination of an SUV and a car for every day.

Engineers paid great attention to the suspension and wheel set and off-road tires, as well as various body modifications needed to make all these changes possible. The axles are widened, the track is widened, and the extended wheel arches close the rubber. Also revised control levers and shock absorbers.

The modifications are even more noticeable from the rear, where now three-way shock absorbers are installed on the cargo platform. They create a rather wild look. But the power plant pickup has not received major changes. Installed “cushion” of the engine, exhaust system made of stainless steel, as well as intercooler SVC Offroad.

Work on the Raptor was completed in December last year, but then it was not possible to test the pickup. Now all the stars have finally come together, and Block has a chance to “walk” his Ford F-150 Raptor. Well, as always, after the rider on his car flies another turn, there is a lot of dust and wheeled smoke. Well, of course all looks very impressive.