Ken Block showed class on radio-controlled typewriters

Ken Block showed class on radio-controlled typewriters

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Famous racer Ken Block talked about his favorite radio-controlled models and showed how to drive them.

We know that Ken Block has a good taste for really cool, tuned cars. Of his latest cars, an incredible Mustang rated at 1,400 hp is worth noting. all-wheel drive and rally car Escort, as well as a pair of matte black Transit vans, in which the driver will participate in the rally. However, until now we did not know that he is also a big fan of radio-controlled machines and he has a whole collection.

 In the new video on his YouTube channel, Mr. Block shows his toys.

 Some of his models accurately copy the real cars that he used in the Gymkhana series, including several Ford Fiesta models and the aforementioned black Mustang. There is also a rather interesting scale model of the second-generation Focus RS in green, as well as a Fiesta drift car with snow tracks.

  HPI Racing, which produces all these amazing small cars, has a truly ambitious portfolio of cars and trucks with radio control. There is a large number of small off-road “animals” on their website, as well as some super cool racing cars. In the new Ken Block video, you can see some of these models in action alongside some of the professional rally driver’s real racing cars.

  That’s what Blok says about RC-models from HPI Racing: “RC cars have come a long way … these WR8 models work like crazy. Four-wheel drive, tons of power and infinitely tuned suspension … so wild! ”

Not so long ago, we wrote that Ken Block will perform at the Cossie races on a Ford Transit van.