Kawasaki will install premium car options on its bikes

Kawasaki will install premium car options on its bikes

November 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company is working on the introduction of electronic systems in brand motorcycles.

According to representatives of Kawasaki, brand motorcycles can be equipped with a complex of assistance to drivers created by Bosch employees. It is likely that mass bike models will already receive this option by 2021.

  The Bosch Rider kit consists of adaptive cruise control, a blind spot monitoring system, and a collision warning function. It should be emphasized that the latter controls the distance to the rest of the participants in the movement and, in the event the vehicle system fixes in a dangerous proximity, warns the driver using an audio or optical signal.

 All components of the system operate on the basis of a radar sensor, a control unit, as well as a modern man-car interface. According to assumptions, the debut motorcycles with the Bosch Rider complex will be the road models of the Ninja line.

During internal research, Bosch found that equipping 2-wheeled vehicles with continuous traffic monitoring systems makes it possible to avoid every seventh accident involving motorcycles.

In addition, Kawasaki previously introduced its new Naiked Z H2. Its cost in Europe starts from a mark of 17.6 thousand euros