Kawasaki unveils hybrid powertrain for motorcycles

Kawasaki unveils hybrid powertrain for motorcycles

December 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company also showed artificial intelligence technology applicable to motorcycles.

Apparently, the Japanese company Kawasaki intends to make a small revolution in motorcycle construction. Recently, the manufacturer introduced a new hybrid power plant for two-wheeled vehicles, which will allow the driver to travel short distances using electric energy.

The second innovation presented by the company was an artificial intelligence system that is able to “communicate” with the driver using voice commands, as well as using a voice synthesizer to inform the owner about the state of his two-wheeled friend. It is reported that Kawasaki has already begun testing the new AI system on public roads.

As for the new power plant, the brand representatives did not disclose its technical data. It is only known that it will work on the principle of a plug-in hybrid in cars – it will be possible to drive only on electric traction, while the gasoline engine will be able to recharge the battery. Also, an electric motor can be paired with an internal combustion engine, increasing power.