Kawasaki plans to launch a global sub-brand budget equipment?

Kawasaki plans to launch a global sub-brand budget equipment?

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company has patented the old and forgotten name Meguro. But what is behind it – a model with a retro design or a sub-brand?

The company Meguro, named after one of the districts of Tokyo, is known to few, and this is one of the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Meguro was founded in 1937 and absorbed by Kawasaki Aircraft in 1964. At the dawn of its history, the company invested in Harley-Davidson after the crash on the American Stock Exchange, receiving documentation and equipment for the production of gearboxes. In the fifties, the first British-style Meguro motorcycle appeared with a two-cylinder inline engine, the volume of which was 651 cubic meters. see. Later, the release of a copy of BSA A7 from Albion began, and the quality and engineering level of the “clone” exceeded the original.

At the moment there is no clarity what exactly will be hidden behind the old name. There are two hypotheses in this regard. According to the first, Meguro is a promising retro motorcycle that will make a company to the remarkable Z900RS and W800. The second is more interesting: presumably, Kawasaki plans to launch a global sub-brand of budget equipment. This is indirectly indicated by the fact that applications for registration are filed not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.