Kawasaki has introduced a new enduro KLX300R 2020

Kawasaki has introduced a new enduro KLX300R 2020

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For off-road enthusiasts, the Japanese company rolled out an updated model with liquid cooling and design of cross-country motorcycles of the line KH.

Kawasaki KLX300R is designed for those who are looking for a light, well-controlled motorcycle. That is why it is equipped with excellent ergonomics, allowing you to easily cope with any road conditions. After reviewing the previous version, the engineers installed an electric starter and an electronic power supply system on a four-stroke engine. The volume of the power unit – 292 cm ³.

Good news for fans of the model will be a new long-stroke and almost fully adjustable suspension of 285 mm. The only time – you can not adjust the hang up at the plug, the slope of which is reduced by 0.4 degrees.


 Enduro also installed a larger muffler, which, coupled with other systems, weighed it from 115 kg to 128. The suspension is completely new, but the optics are completely absent. At will, customers can retrofit a model with an enlarged steering wheel, a pillow for it and hand protection. In the States, the cost of one copy will be 5.5 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Yamaha presented the superbike R6 in an exclusive color from the company GK Dynamics in honor of the model’s 20th anniversary.