Karma SC1 Vision and SC2 Coupe showcase the brand’s future

Karma SC1 Vision and SC2 Coupe showcase the brand’s future

November 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Karma points out, however, that the appearance of the SC1 and SC2 concept cars affects the company’s next production cars.

California-based electric car manufacturer Karma Automotive, owned by the Wanxiang Group from China, presents a trio of electrified cars that debuted in Shanghai in 2019. “The Shanghai Big Three shows what Karma is today, what Karma may be tomorrow, and where Karma is heading for the future,” with one Revero GTS production model and two conceptual versions of sports cars.

Futuristic car – SC1 Vision concept – an electric roadster based on the Revero GT. Karma argues that the concept not only anticipates the company’s future design language, alludes to “fast” options for its mass products and “shows the future direction of the brand based on the complete BEV proposals that underlie the company.”

It is undeniable that this is the most sensual car design that the automaker has ever offered. It has a sleek, aerodynamically optimized profile with a smooth transition from exterior to interior. Interestingly, the area between the front axle and the windshield is inspired by the 1935 H-1 Racer “and the geometry of the natural world.”

If you actually open the wings of the wings, you will find yourself in a futuristic cabin with a new infotainment architecture with 5G connectivity, as well as a “humanized communication system that combines touch, voice, visual and graphical interfaces to ensure seamless interaction with the roadster.”

The concept also uses biometric identification and face recognition systems. While there is not a word about the system that provides the prototype, but we believe that under the hood there is a fully electric power plant, different from the hybrid Revero GT system.

The next copy at the stand of the American manufacturer in Los Angeles is the Karma SC2 concept, which is the pinnacle of the company’s earlier roadster concept. Karma refers to the car as “the evolution of the dramatic vision concept of SC1.”

Unlike its predecessor, the new car is more likely a hardtop rather than a roadster. For landing on each side of the car there is a massive doorway identical to SC1. A long nose and a short rear end give the car the shape of a classic sports car.

    “Karma goes beyond a car company and becomes a technology brand that is equally focused on being an important engineering, design, technology resource and high-tech incubator for others,” said CEO Lance Zhou at the international auto show.