Karma has built an electric concept in the style of a racing airplane

Karma has built an electric concept in the style of a racing airplane

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A California-based electric speedster called SC1 Vision will show off at the Elegance Competition in Pebble Beach.

Karma Automotive decided to use its new electric concept SC1 Vision to talk about advanced technologies in its future models, as well as to demonstrate a new corporate identity. The design of the concept car, which will debut at Pebble Beach, was inspired by the exterior of the Hughes H-1 racing aircraft, built back in 1935. The concept with aviation design was implemented in just 12 months: it took so much time for its design and assembly.

 It is interesting that work on this project was carried out as part of the Open Platform strategy with the involvement of partners and startups who want to test new ideas and developments.

Electric speedster equipped with innovative infotainment architecture, as well as a number of systems based on artificial intelligence. With their help, the concept recognizes natural speech and voice commands, supports touch control, and also monitors the direction of view and is able to conduct biometric identification of passengers. Not without autopilot, based on the complex interaction of lidars, cameras and radars, as well as an augmented reality system that will entertain passengers during the journey, for example, talking about attractions.

 Conceptual Karma receives a special audio system with individual “sound cocoons”. Something similar very soon we will see on production cars Karma.