Karma for the first time showed autonomous van L4 E-Flex

Karma for the first time showed autonomous van L4 E-Flex

April 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As the American brand promised, it shows examples of various configurations on its new E-Flex platform for electric vehicles, which will be available for other brands.

Karma’s California division shows the first images of the L4 E-Flex Van, and this electric stand-alone van is the first example to use the new platform as the basis. As AutoTimesNews reported earlier with reference to company representatives, the E-Flex platform can be used for almost any conceivable purpose: from vans to powerful supercars, and this van confirms this.

The prototype of the bus is similar to Fiat Ducato or one of its global twin brothers. But this is only what concerns his appearance – everything inside is completely from Karma. The minibus is not only fully electric, but also autonomous with a level 4 autopilot.

Karma platform may be supported by WeRide, a stand-alone technology company. To do this, it uses real-time information from radars, cameras and other means installed throughout the car.

“Using the E-Flex platform, our goal was to create partnerships that develop a wide range of applications. By partnering with technology leaders such as WeRide, we strive to offer unique market solutions, ”said Sarmini Govda of Karma.

Following the L4 E-Flex Van, other autonomous vehicles and supercar platforms will be launched within a few months, sharing the same base to showcase Karma’s capabilities.